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Literary Career

Terry earned her M.F.A. in Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2005. Her poems have appeared or are upcoming in many journals and anthologies including Adanna, the Berkshire Review, the Cancer Poetry Project Anthology, Chest Journal, Cirque, Driftwood, Edge, From the Farthest Shore – Cape Cod and the Islands through Poetry, Feile-Festa, Hospital Drive, Journal of the American Medical Association, Main Street Rag, Naugatuck River Review, New Verse News, Passager, Peregrine, Pure Slush – Lifespan Series, Raven’s Perch, Silkworm, Slipstream, Technoculture, Theodate, Westchester Review, The Wild World and others.

Read Poems From Online Journals:

Three poems from the Wild Word “Love” issue

Grace Bay Villanelle from Raven’s Perch

Rim from the Chest Journal


Terry has published two poetry collections so far.

Plunge (Off the Common Books, 2019)

Read Poems from this Collection:
Night Composes Its Own Music
La Famiglia


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Coalescence (Word Tech Communications, 2014)

New England Book Prize Honorable Mention

Read Poems from this Collection:
29 1/2 Days
Early Morning in Late October

Simple Machines


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“Muse or Method?”
Write Angles at Mount Holyoke College

“What We Don’t Know: Uncertainty and the Writing Process”
Vermont College of Fine Arts

“Poetry Prompt Extravaganza: Using Prompts to Develop Craft”
Straw Dog Writers Guild

“Architectonics of Poetry Collections”
Vermont College of Fine Arts

“Musical Considerations in Writing Poetry”
Vermont College of Fine Arts

Terry offers custom-designed writing workshops of varying lengths depending upon the needs of a group. She is particularly interested in working with middle school and high school students in English and Social Studies as well as fellow seniors. She is developing a new workshop entitled “Memorabilia as Muse” — how family heirlooms, letters, photos, personal government documents and even “junk” can spur memory and stimulate the creative process.  Kindly use the contact page to request a reading or workshop.